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Very cute, but rather too easy.  Could stand to be a bit grittier with harsher consequences.


It was really entertaining for about twenty minutes; very good game, would play again.

Love it, however I cant buy stuff in bulk, If I can , someone please tell me how

The Mac version is a bit janky but the story is great and the character design is nice too (love the Gladys Bentley character)


Really fun, however, I wish there was more to it! Would LOVE for an update! 

Very nice! 

Could be harder, as I'm sure running an illegal queer bar would be. Still, the game is fun, not annoying, and has some nice details. Love the newspaper updates, and really nice character design.

Very entertaining! I could tell that lots of detail was put into the game so I felt like I was really there. The music, although only one song, was nice and accurate. However, after a while, the game got quite repetitive, boring, and too easy. Other than that, a good game. 

Oh, it was rlly entertainingt,  probably took a lot of reasearchs to make that details. I was super lucky and won on my firts try aldçdsajfjs.

I'm totally recomending this game to my friends!


I loved the mood and enjoyed managing the bar during the 10-years period. My bar had around 8-10 glory holes in the end. I wish I could be that successful in real life!


Okay, to start, I love the premise of this game. It's unique and unlike a game I've seen before (in the best pissible way, I assure you). The music is accurate to the time period and makes me feel like I'm there in the actual bar. The artstyle is phenomenal as well and the diverse scinerios and differing outcomes of repeated scenarios is really nice. Can't wait for future builds of the game! Thanks for making it!