Since we can't gather in person this year,
join a virtual pride for you and your community.

The first pride was a riot.

  It's important for the queer community to stay connected, not only in the present, but with our past. 
Black trans lives not only matter, but they are a fundamental part of our history and our future.

Float On is a multiplayer online parade.

Users design their own floats and place them in public and private parades,
while sharing information and content that speaks to our communities. 

- Create a new parade and share it with your friends

- Join your friends parade

- Build your own float!

- Watch the parade!

Don't have a parade to join?  March with us, using the code: month-bend

Ever wondered how the sausage is made?
Take the opportunity to design your very own custom parade float, with a variety of color and design options.

Create a private parade for your community to share! 

View some themed parades below:

Bail Funds Parade:

This game was made by

 Mo Cohen (Developer + Creator) 
Louise Macfadyen (Art + Design)
Maria Del Castillo (Music)
+ Support from two tiny dogs named Archie and Robbie.

Authorqueermo games
Made withUnity
Tags2020, gaymer, lgbtq, pride, Queer
Average sessionA few minutes


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Love this idea! Congrats on making such a great thing : )