An accomplished witch has been invited to join the prestigious Counselors of the Preceptor's Institute of Grand Sorceries - this could be the pinnacle of her achievements! She may claim her position on one condition: that she create a selection of impressive beasts as a test of her ability. This should be no more than a formality, but will she be able to complete the challenge?

Play minigames to assist the witch in gathering ingredients from the town festival, select different materials to use in her brew, and attempt to create the greatest beasts the Institute has ever seen! That is, if her affinity for Pickle the cat doesn't ruin her plans...

  • Click arrows to progress the story!
  • Use arrow keys to fly your broom!
  • Click ingredients and then BREW to make a monster!

This short game was made for the Portland Indie Game Squad's annual Summer Slow Jams series and submitted to June 2022's "Character Creator" jam. You can complete the game in under 5 minutes. We will be making minor adjustments up until the game is played for PIGSquad's game jam showcase on June 23rd, 2022 at 7pm PT -details here!

Made by:
Mo - Programming
Ragon Dickard - Art
Zach Turcich - Art
Chris Gruchacz - SFX
Eric Phillips - Music
Will Lewis - Design, Writing, Production

Pickle the Cat

Inspired by our friend Pickle <3

Published 15 days ago
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Authorqueermo games
TagsCats, Cute, Female Protagonist, Funny, Halloween, minigames, Physics, Short, Spooky, storygame


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This was so fun! Catching the ingredients and brewing Pickles, would do again and again. 10/10. The art is really cohesive, the colors are so cool and everything just works together so well. Congrats! And congrats to Pickle for being best cat.

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The first pickle-like game, very nice!

I'm so in love with everything! I want a Pickle for myself-

Lovely game all around and very charming, also cute cat pics. 

Pickle was a wonderful mewse.

That's such a beautiful cat pun


This game cracks me up and makes me go "awww" at the same time -- super delightful!

Thank you so much! It was a goofy lil jam :)


Music is very fun! Also wow I'm bad at brewing and can only brew pickle :<


The music is so good! Huge props to Eric. It's okay, you are not bad at brewing, the witch is >:)


poor witch

Thank you!! :)